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Feb 6, 2011 9:30pm PST
that mubarak has to retire. >> reporter: president obama shown here in a meeting with mubarak says ultimately egyptians must decide their own future but he's closely monitoring the situation. >> tensions in the middle east may have caused those spikes you are seeing at the gas pump. the lun dburg survey reports the average price is now $3.12 in the u.s. aaa reports that san francisco gas cost $3.48 a gallon this weekend. in oakland prices are $3.42. prices are expected to spike higher until the the crisis in egypt is over. >>> american food service of pico rivera in los angeles county issued the recall of beef produced on january 31st. the recall includes fresh ground beef patties and other ground beef product. some of that beef was sent to restaurants throughout northern california. there's no reports yet of anyone getting sick from that beef. >>> two people are reported -- a senior after youngstown was killed and 11 other people, including six students were injured. several men were kicked out of a fraternity party but then returned and started shooting. >>> and we have a look at today's h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1